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Creating a Website with Pelican

Pelican gives new and experienced Python users a tool for creating customizable websites and blogs. It is a static site generator so it enables websites to be built quickly and securely yet it allows different themes and customization.

Here's a great tutorial video to get you started with Pelican from one of its key developers:

Pelican's project blog:

Pelican documentation:

Pelican on GitHub:

Failure Helps You

In our culture, success is put on a pedestal for people to achieve or risk being not good enough. Yet, failures, small and even some large, serve an important role in learning and inventing.

Jeri Ellsworth, a creative engineer, has an honest and inspiring view on failure. Take a look: <>

Learning Music with Python

Python with its rich and freely available libraries offers many creative avenues for musicians. From ear training to a complete musicology research framework, there are projects that will inspire musicians from beginners to professionals.

Music Theory


Music Notation

  • LilyPond
  • Frescobaldi

Ear Training

GNU Solfege

Setting up a Mac for Python Development - The Hard (but sustainable) Way

One of the great things about Python is how easy it is to get started and feel productive as a programmer or web developer. There are wonderful resources out there to help a new coder get started: Python documentation, PyLadies, Python User Groups, books and tutorials.

I certainly have enjoyed my journey through learning Python. I love the language and its clarity. One of the things that has been challenging as I learned was understanding how to set up my development computers. The mystery of packages, pip, easy_install, venv, macports, brew, and a gobbledy goop of others kept me a little fuzzy every step of the way. Was my computer set up how it should be? Will I mess everything up if I pip instead of easy_install?

Fortunately, I haven't had any major catastrophes like smoke coming from my Macbook. Actually, the more that I learned about Python and used Python the jargon became less scary.

True, there are different ways to set up your development environment. For now, I am following the suggestions at Justin Mayer's Hacker Codex site. He does a very good job of clearly explaining how to set up a Mac for development and for Python development.

When you are done setting up your Mac, you might want to watch his tutorial on setting up a website and blog using Pelican. It's very helpful.

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